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We are Karen & Tommy Hessler, owners of Amaranth Farms. We’re asking you to vote No on Measure A to protect small family farms like ours.

On March 5, vote NO on Measure A to protect Humboldt’s small farmers, environment, public safety, and local businesses.

Democrats, Republicans, Small Businesses, and Environmentalists Agree: Measure A is Bad for Humboldt

All of Humboldt County benefits from a well-regulated cannabis industry that supports small farmers. That's why the Humboldt Democratic, Republican, and Green Parties, the Sheriff, cannabis and food farmers, environmentalists, tribal leaders, chambers of commerce, Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, and Rio Dell City Councils, and current and former elected officials from across Humboldt County are united in opposing Measure A. See the full list of Measure A opposition.

[Measure A] has been presented to preclude new large scale grows, but it will actually prevent existing permit holders, regardless of size, from being able to modify their permits to adapt to the evolving cannabis market and make strides towards greater environmental sustainability... [Measure A] will have dire consequences to the cannabis industry in Humboldt.

-Humboldt Planning Department Analysis of Measure A

What Humboldt is saying about Measure A

Humboldt County Democrats
"The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee strongly advocates for a “No” vote on Measure A... Measure A would have devastating impacts on cannabis farmers of all sizes, including the very smallest."
Jackee Riccio
Executive Director, Cannabis For Conservation
Jackee Riccio
"We found that the Initiative lacks in both environmental and scientific rigor...with no measurable, quantifiable, or data-supported conservation benefits."
Nancy Olson
Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce
"We oppose Measure A to protect the economic progress achieved through the legal cannabis industry. Implementing this initiative would jeopardize an important pillar of our local economy."
Noah Levy
Humboldt County Planning Commissioner
Noah Levy
"Cannabis is [already] subjected to the most stringent water protection of any agricultural crop in the state."
Paul Hagen
North Coast Environmental Law
"The initiative is “unworkable and would be devastating to the [local] cannabis industry."
A smiling woman kneels down in a garden and cares for a growing plant
Tina Gordon
Moon Made Farms
"Moon Made Farms is a regenerative Sun + Earth Certified farm. To expand our solar array [under Measure A], we would have to reduce our cultivation footprint by 40%."
Pat Neighbors
Vocality Credit Union
"To add further restriction of state-licensed businesses in our region creates another choke point to impede the success of our local friends and neighbors who are working within the laws of California."
William Honsal
Humboldt County Sheriff
"Measure A risks reversing the significant progress we've made to combat illicit and environmentally destructive cannabis farms within our community."
Garth Sundberg Sr.
Trinidad Rancheria
"As Trinidad Rancheria’s Tribal Chairman, I must speak out and urge a No Vote on Measure A. Our community’s well-being, particularly regarding our environment, economy and job opportunities must be priority."
Sarah Schaefer
Former Mayor
Arcata City Council
“In my mind, and from what I’ve heard from farmers and members of this cannabis community, honestly, this [initiative] is gonna be the nail in the coffin for the cannabis industry in Humboldt County."
Susan Ornelas
Former Arcata City Council
Susan Ornelas
"I see Measure A as trying to solve outdated problems of the cannabis trade. It may have been interesting in 2005, but today it’s old news."

    Get the facts

    Measure A isn’t designed to protect our environment, small farmers, or neighborhoods; instead, it’s written to shut down legal cannabis in Humboldt by rewriting Humboldt’s cannabis ordinances to impose new and unworkable restrictions on all permitted farms in the county.
    A photo of a board meeting
    Written behind closed doors
    Humboldt’s existing cannabis ordinances were developed through hundreds of hours of public input, but Measure A's 38 pages of text were written behind closed doors with no opportunity for public review by farmers, environmental groups, county or state regulators, or the public.
    Learn More
    A photo of a person walking away from the camera through a farm with their hands raised
    Targets small farmers, benefits corporate cannabis
    Nearly all of the restrictions in Measure A would target legal cannabis cultivators of all sizes in Humboldt, including the smallest cottage farms, and many of these restrictions would be impossible to comply with. Meanwhile, corporate mega-farms in Central and Southern California will carry on with business as usual.
    Learn More
    Undermines our environment, economy, and public safety
    Humboldt needs a well-regulated cannabis industry, with regulations developed with input from all of us. Undermining Humboldt’s legal cannabis framework risks chaos in the hills as legal farmers are pushed out, and further economic decline as our remaining small farmers lose the opportunity to succeed.
    Learn More
    A photo of a form stating "lawsuit", a pen, and a judge's gavel
    Cuts the public out, invites lawyers in
    Measure A's vague drafting would lead to a flood of litigation, while prohibiting the Board of Supervisors from making meaningful changes to Humboldt’s cannabis ordinances in response to public input.
    Learn More

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