Learn how Measure A puts Humboldt at Risk

Measure A's proponents say their intent is to protect small farms and the environment, but independent analysis has found that the real effects of Measure A would be just the opposite.

Humboldt County Planning Department Analysis
Key Findings

“The existing Humboldt County cannabis regulations are intended to encourage a well-regulated cannabis industry, but [Measure A] could have the opposite effect by making compliance so difficult that the legal market is rendered not viable in Humboldt County…

[Measure A] has been presented to preclude new large scale grows, but it will actually prevent existing permit holders, regardless of size, from being able to modify their permits to adapt to the evolving cannabis market and make strides towards greater environmental sustainability…

This is likely to place farmers struggling to survive in a place where they can no longer compete in the legal market and must either sell or abandon their farms or return to the illicit market. It is the illicit cannabis industry that has been predominantly responsible for environmental damage.”

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Cannabis For Conservation Environmental Analysis
Key Findings

“We felt it necessary to write our own analysis of the Humboldt Cannabis Reform Initiative (HCRI), now Measure A. In summary, as an “environmental” initiative, we found that the Initiative lacks in both environmental and scientific rigor, and was written with an undertone of obstructionist rhetoric against the general cannabis industry as opposed to evidence-based policy. Most of the proposed changes would result in increased regulatory duties of the County and regulatory hoop-jumping for farmers, with no measurable, quantifiable, or data-supported conservation benefits…

Measure A goes to great lengths to identify farms as the “problem”, which is an antiquated ideology not currently supported by broad-scale conservation strategy. No inclusion of evidence-supported conservation practices that bolster biodiversity and unite working land holders and conservation interests—two primary objectives of the Working Lands Climate Strategy—were included in the text, which is exceptionally problematic for an initiative designed to protect the environment…

As a true environmental organization that practices applied conservation on farms, we cannot in good faith support this Initiative as sound environmental policy. As professional scientists and biologists, it is apparent that this Initiative was not written by or in collaboration with biological professionals, and we fundamentally disagree with the policies included within it.”

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